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Welcome to Breaking the Ice

Follow the misadventures of aspiring actor Mick Nardelli as he faces the rigors and horrors of auditions, day jobs and just life in general. Breaking the Ice has been called offbeat, quirky, character driven and most of all...funny!

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A Cross to Bear
A Cross to Bear

October 8th, 2008, 1:32 pm

Breaking the Ice is moving!!

I'm trying to focus all of my traffic to the site where I host BTI at:

There was a new strip last week and a new one will be going up later today. Please stop by and add the RSS feed to your news reader or sign up for the mailing list for updates. Thanks!!

May 24th, 2008, 2:46 pm

Breaking the Ice in Comic Book Form!!

OK, I teased a little news in the last update and I think the coast is clear to reveal it.

Breaking the Ice will be published as a "one shot" by Hopper Comics and sold in comic book stores as well as!!

It will be a 24 page comic with all 50 strips in it (the last two will be "bonus strips" on the inside back cover) and the book will be IN COLOR!

I'm very excited about this and I'll have more news upcoming. Thanks so much for reading!!

April 20th, 2008, 6:48 pm

Thanks for the Spotlight

I just wanted to throw a big thanks to Scotto for nominating me for the spotlight here at Smackjeeves. Please check out his strip Harry's Morons.

I had no idea about this and was wondering why so many new people were commenting. Thank you so much!

I had a family emergency this past week so I wasn't able to get a strip up. I should have a new strip (maybe even two!) up this week but the regular schedule is Wednesdays.

Thanks again everyone for reading, you've totally made my day!


January 25th, 2008, 6:21 pm

Breaking the Ice at Smack Jeeves

I've been doing Breaking the Ice for close to a year now and hosting it my website I was browsing through some forums and found Smack Jeeves and decided to upload my archive here as well.

EDIT: I had some time this afternoon and just decided to upload the entire archive. I hope you enjoy!

A note about the strip...

I hadn't drawn in years and was always a huge fan of newspaper strips like EC Segar's Popeye, Bloom County, Far Side...etc. I had wanted to do a strip so I bought some pencils and bristol board and set out to do one. I'm having a blast.

The artwork early on is pretty static as I was going from templates and really unsure of myself. As the strip continues the art, while maybe not getting "better", definitely evolves and becomes more fun...not just relying on the writing.

So please stick around and check out the strip. After I get all of them uploaded, I'll start with a new #35 next Wednesday.

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